ECG Information
An ECG (electrocardiograph) essentially maps out your heart’s activity. With each thump, your heart is given a variety of electrical impulses to open and close each chamber in synchronous harmony. The impulses can often give valuable information about the heart’s efficiency and performance.

ECG devices use electrodes placed in precisely determined positions to listen in on these electrical impulses from the heart. The voltage of the impulses is graphed out over time to produce the recognizable ECG.

o Equipment – The number of leads used vastly increases the ECGs ability to pick up faint irregularities unique to a certain condition. 12 lead ECGs currently provide the highest quality available. In addition, each electrode must be applied in its correct position and properly connected to its corresponding lead. Higher quality ECG devices provide efficient filters and high input impedance for a clear and defined signal.

o Skin contact – For best results, the patient’s skin should be properly prepared before application of the electrodes by cleaning, abrading, and applying gel to the contact area for optimum conductivity.

o Environment – ECGs can faintly pick up and become distorted by the electric fields produced by nearby electrical appliances or high power lines. Remove or avoid sources of interference.

o Storage – Keep all equipment (ECG device, leads, and electrodes) neatly stored in an environment of moderate humidity (40%-60%) and room temperature(70°F/21°C).

An ECG can be used to unveil irregularities in the heart, such as arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart defects, and heart valve disease. In a clinical setting, ECGs are the first line of screening for further diagnosis. In an emergency, ECGs can monitor the progression and status of a heart attack.

Once a heart condition is detected, every second counts. The Spaulding ECG device and software can immediately record, analyze, and send an ECG for physician over-read from any iOS or Android mobile device. Spaulding Medical is committed to providing the fastest and most convenient experience to save both time and lives.

Spaulding ECG Information
The Spaulding ECG is an ultra-portable 12-lead electrocardiogram, operated by a single button. The ECG device is almost entirely operated from a Windows, Android, or iOS application, where you can monitor, record, and analyze a live, streaming ECG. Any recorded ECG can be uploaded to webECG, which can send a PDF version of your recorded ECG to any configured email address. This allows a swift, effective, paperless way to get valuable data from the patient to any physician anywhere in the world.
o Size – The Spaulding ECG is one of the most portable 12-lead ECGs weighing in at only 3 oz./83 g. and only slightly larger than an NHL regulation hockey puck (3.5 in./9 cm. diameter x 1 in./2.5 cm.)

o Quality of ECG – 12 leads reinforce every ECG with high quality and high fidelity. Spaulding Medical places the utmost importance on the precision, integrity, and mastery of ECG data.

o Functionality and Accessibility – The Spaulding ECG application provides a comprehensive and intuitive interface from any Windows, Android or iOS device. The Spaulding ECG streams live ECG data via Bluetooth to your device where you can choose to record, analyze, and upload to webECG from anywhere with internet connection.

o Ease – Spaulding Medical believes elegance is simplified complexity. With wireless Bluetooth connectivity, an easily navigable application, and a device operated by a single button, taking an ECG is the most elegant it’s ever been.

o Interpretative Algorithm – Spaulding Medical uses the popular and well established Glasgow Interpretative Algorithm to analyze your ECG directly from your device’s application.

The Spaulding ECG is available in two Solution Packages in the Products and Accessories tab on our webpage.
The Spaulding 2100iQ with webECG Package includes:
o AHA or IEC Patient Cables (EC53 Compliant)
o USB Charging Cable
o A return to factory warranty (3 year)
o webECG software License
o Lifetime storage (webECG)
o Customized workflow capabilities including email notifications to physicians and billing departments
o Software updates and upgrades
o Carrying Case
o 100 Electrodes

The Spaulding 2100iQ with webECG and Physician Over-Read Package contains an additional Physicians Toolkit License for digital physician over-read

o Spaulding 2100iQ with webECG – $1299.00

o Spaulding 2100iQ with webECG and Physician Over-Read – $1,999.00

Spaulding ECG and webECG Setup Help
A webECG account creation tutorial is available here.
If your issue’s solution is not on our forums, create a ticket here and the Spaulding Medical Support Team will work with you to solve any issue!