Spaulding webECG – Cloud Workflow

ECG Processing

Workflow, Analysis and Reporting

Automated Workflow

Customize your process for the best care to your patients.

Reporting and Analytics

Analyze past ECG trends and how to provide better care.

Cloud Scale In the Palm of Your Hands

Taking an ECG is as easy as one button click.  Then after recording 10 seconds, the ECG is uploaded, processed, and optionally read by a cardiologist in minutes.

The future Spaulding Cloud will allow a cardiologist on the other side of the world to be virtually bedside to care for a patient with any device with an internet connection.  Imagine the improved care and lives saved.

Your protocol, customized into your workflow to provide hospital quality ECGs in the palm of your hand.


The only way to truly evaluate how this solution is to try it with your team at your facility.