Solution Overview

A Three Step Solution

The best cardiac care requires an innovative combination of simplicity and automation to provide better insight and results in three steps:

1. large hospital devices need replacement by new mobileflexible and easy to use devices.
2. Cardiac protocol should enable high quality ECGs bedside with reading by a Cardiologist...Fast!   
3. Patient history, baselines, and other key perspectives should be at hand to reduce misdiagnosis and re-hospitalizations.

Hospital Quality ECGs

By building off of 25 years of building hospital ECG systems, our founders created a mobile ECG device with the same quality.  This took a significant brain trust and investment to design, build and test the Spaulding device.  The device also needed software to provide real-time analysis, capture an ECG for a read and automate a protocol supporting algorithms, workflows and integration with EMRs. 

Lower Costs

Calling 911 and sending a patient to a hospital is a well tested solution for cardiac care.  With the costs of healthcare reviewed to find savings, sending a patient in an emergency setting in an ambulance to the hospital can be very scary for a patient.  As an alternative in non-stat situations, what if an ECG could be taken by a skilled nurse and confirmed by a cardiologist in minutes instead of hours?

The result is better care a lower cost.  Saving one trip to the hospital often pays for the Spaulding solution.  Also having a familiar face at the patients side is priceless.

Bedside Care

From acquisition through confirmation, the care protocol is defined by facilities to automate the workflow by Cardiologists.  Instead of pushing around a large machine and printing out a report, care is delivered quickly bedside or virtually anywhere for the best possible patient care.