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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Spaulding Medical has already changed how global cardiac safety studies are conducted, and we’re doing it again. Here’s how.


Performed the first ECG Core Lab studies using the smallest and highest quality 12-lead ECG.


Replaced the need for triplicate 10-second ECGs with Spaulding’s Five Minute ECG recordings.


We launched the first ECG platform fully integrated within clinical trial EDC systems.


Implementation of “At-Home” Clinical Trial program where subjects are no longer dependent on local sites to support ECG study requirements.

Features & Benefits

Spaulding Medical offers the most technically advanced cardiac safety platform.

  • Portable, lightweight and paperless
  • Fully integrated with leading EDC systems
  • Global services including dedicated sponsor-specific project management

Customized Workflows


Integrations with industry leading EDC systems eliminate the need the manual demographic entries. Unconfirmed and confirmed ECG measurements, interpretations and PDFs reside within the EDC’s subject details page. The result is accurate data and far less post study reconciliation.

Subject & Site Ease of Use


Our one-button operation and easy to use apps transmit data quickly and efficiently. One Platform’s option to select up to five minutes of data capture per ECG with interpretations applied at 10-second intervals is far more cost effective than triplicate ECGs, as well as being more tolerable for subjects.

And, our at-home platform will eliminate the need for site visits, enhancing study recruitment and retention.

Time & Cost Savings


By eliminating the dependency on big box ECG devices and with our improved data transfer and workflows, Spaulding makes it easier and more cost effective for sites and subjects to gather critical cardiac safety data.

Our Results


Spaulding Medical has a >95% customer retention rate. Our partners include global CRO and pharmaceutical companies.

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