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TREATING COVID-19? Save Lives. Test for heart abnormalities with this hand-held ECG device before treatment.

COVID-19 treatment and drug trials, including the combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, are top of mind across the nation and around the world. As this particular “drug cocktail” poses a deadly risk for patients with underlying, often unknown, heart conditions such as Long QT syndrome, it is critical that the medical community comes together to ensure necessary steps are taken to safely administer trial drug combinations.
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Spaulding Medical Named MedTech 2019 Top 10 Cardiovascular Device Companies

MedTech names Spaulding Medical a Top 10 Cardiovascular Device Company, providing patients access to immediate computer-interpreted ECG results to patients and physicians across the world.
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CEO of Spaulding Medical, Amanda Baltz Honored with Women of Distinction Award

Milwaukee magazine honors Amanda Baltz, CEO of Spaulding Medical, for not only her accomplishments through her business, but also her work through Wisconsin’s Leukemia and Lymphoma Chapter.
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Spaulding Medical is Now Hiring 

Spaulding Medical is now hiring for Software Developers. See all opportunities on our Careers Page.
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