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With so much information literally at our fingertips, the time for instantaneous, fully-integrated cardiac data is long overdue.

As cardiac diagnostic systems innovators we are actively advancing the future of care with home-to-hospital cardiac monitoring solutions.


Hospitals, IDNs

& Care facilities

Diagnostic and interventional tools that maximize the ability to provide the highest level of service.

clinical trials

Technology that saves time and money through the continuous, automatic monitoring of cardiac data.

pharma monitoring

Actionable, real-time data that drives deep analysis and broad value through smart ECG algorithms.

A Three-Step Solution

ECG Processing

Automated workflow

Workflow, analysis and reporting

Reporting & analytics

Customize your process for the best care to your patients

Workflow, analysis and reporting

Analyze past ECG trends and how to provide better care

We believe everyone – caregivers, researchers and consumers – should have access to cardiac insights that are:


Our solutions must be unshackled from big, expensive equipment.


One-button cardiac acquisitions instantly available in the cloud and integrated with EMRs.


Anyone can securely transmit for instant review and analysis from specialists anywhere.


Combined with other data from EMRs and machine learning, cardiac data recognizes patterns and guides preventative care.