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Hospitals, IDNs and Care Facilities

Hospitals, IDNs and Care Facilities

Features & Benefits

Cardiac diagnostic solutions are traditionally bulky and expensive, lacking interoperability to yield intelligent, predictive analytics. Spaulding Medical’s One Solution is healthcare’s most advanced fully EMR integrated cardiac diagnostic platform capable of gathering clinical grade cardiac data anyplace, anytime and anywhere.

AI & Predictive Analytics


With the help of our valued partners, we are developing a full suite of predictive intelligence tools. Our ambition is to provide the option for constant cardiac monitoring regardless of patient locale with the ability to foresee and prevent cardiac events before they occur. One Platform is designed to improve clinical operational efficiency and reduce the cost of care delivery.

EMR Integrations


Industry first integrations eliminate location and incompatible system billing challenges, centralizing and analyzing troves of cardiac and patient data.



Our acquisition devices are portable, wireless and patient-friendly, able to transmit the full range of cardiac diagnostic data from locations within hospitals, ambulatory settings and in patient homes.

Reader Services


Spaulding’s mobile solutions and One Platform allows cardiac data to be routed to clinicians for overread in minutes.

Partnership Model


Our business model is transformative. Low acquisition cost and per-diagnostic pricing supports your system’s financial needs.

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