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Pharma Monitoring

Pharma Monitoring

Features & Benefits

Until now, the pharmaceutical industry has been limited to pre-market testing for cardiovascular drug effects. Spaulding’s One Platform makes it possible for drug companies to monitor patients, gather and analyze how compounds impact cardiac performance anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

Initiated in 2017 to support baseline ECG labeling requirements for brand Oncology and MS drugs, Spaulding’s One Platform and Reader Services solution is expanding beyond the need for clinician supervision for at-home / as-needed cardiac safety monitoring. This means post-market cardiac data and analytics when you need it.

Remote Baseline ECG


In-office or at-home under clinical supervision, One Platform and Spaulding’s remote Cardiologist Reader Services solution will confirm QTcF and other cardiac measurements in less than 20 minutes to ensure the safe administration of a drug.

At Home Monitoring & Analytics


Evaluate the periodic impact of your drugs with patient applied ECG monitoring. Data can be captured and analytics tools designed to provide the post market data you require.

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